The Arab sheikh Abu — Hassan-Alya had a beauty wife Fatima. He indulged her and granted all desires and whims. Once Fatima wanted snow — somehow time she saw that ridges became covered by white caps. Then she wished that the husband repeated for it this miracle of the nature. But snowfall happened in that place where there lived Fatima and Abu – – Hassan-Alya, only once in life, and it was necessary to look for an exit to Sheikh, if only not to see grief on a face of darling. In the happy spring morning of a cap of mountains, to please to the beauty Fatima, rolled in snow-white color. The sheikh enjoined to cover to the gardeners mountain tops with saplings of mountain almonds, and since then so occurs every spring …

It is only one of a set of the legends devoted to an almond tree. The general between legends: around the world almonds are esteemed as a symbol of fertility, blossoming of youth and love. In the ancient time cores of almonds were the main nutrition for travelers on the East, and, by the way, the Fergana Valley is recognized as one of the world centers of culture of almonds. Marco Polo in the 13th century found wild almonds here, and thanks to its find the culture extended in the European countries.

Since ancient times from ossicles of almonds get the most valuable product — almond oil (almond oil) which fights against the age changes which are inevitably reflected first of all in face skin. Almond oil is vitamin-rich E, B2, F, proteic matters, acids and therefore effectively helps regeneration of cells of a skin and its rejuvenascence, and also softens, nourishes and smoothes a skin, slows down aging, fights against folds, keeping a skin of wetted and protecting it from external influences.

All useful properties of “Almond” oil are kept and increased greatly in “Almond” soap thanks to “cold” process of production of SEZAM soap. The gentle vitaminized soap of handwork possesses a magic smell of almonds which drives away morning delicacy or evening fatigue, refreshes and humidifies a skin, giving it a velvet shade and beautiful equal color.

Propertiesof “Almond” soap: tones up and refreshes a skin, improving overall health. Protects a skin from influence of the irritating factors, providing careful pleasant care of a skin

Action:softening and nutritious, eliminates inflammatory processes on a skin, prevents expansion of pores. Is ideally suited for care of a skin, sensitive, inclined to a boring.

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