Milk and Honey

“Milk and honey” — a tandem of the natural products united in one whetstone of soap. Strengthening salutary actions of each other, milk and honey work wonders which are visible with the naked eye with your skin. And “cold” process of production allows to keep all useful properties of oils, honey, and milk in soap.

Did you thought that milk is producing in an organism of women and mammals in response to love? At that very moment, when it is necessary to feed the kid who just came to this world. Milk — the very first product which we try in the life and then for a long time can’t do without it. And ability of milk to work wonders with a skin and a body of the person is explained by it too.

“Milk and Honey” soap is framed on the basis of superfine powdered milk which contains practically all necessary substances which have to be present at good cosmetic. It is a well of proteins, natural pigments, enzymes, minerals, irreplaceable amino acids and vitamins. It possesses ability to take off fatigue and a stress, positively affecting a skin and giving it gentle silk smoothness and freshness.

Proteins and milk fats do a skin resilient and elastic and perfectly look after a skin. Protein prevents a xeroderma; the enzymes which are contained in milk stimulate cell renewal. Vitamin A refreshes a skin, vitamin E supports muscles in a tonus and strengthens them, and vitamins of group B smooth folds. Milk perfectly copes with age folds and signs of aging, and at regular use of Milk and Honey soap the skin becomes more resilient, young, folds are smoothed.

Honey — a fine natural product which contains up to 60 various useful substances: proteins, mineral salts, organic acids, hormones, vitamins C, B2, V6, enzymes, trace substances, aromatic substances. It influences a skin not less well, increasing its resilience to external negative impacts and providing protection against pollution. Honey abirritates, wets, strengthens, softens and nourishes a skin.

“Milk and Honey” soap should be applied carefully in the presence of an allergy to beekeeping products.

Structure:medical SEZAM oils, powdered milk, natural honey, sodium hydroxide. Milk and Honey soap doesn’t contain preservatives and stains, is suitable for a dry sensitive and fat skin of people of all age.

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