Sezam soap

Features of Sezam soap

1 . Soap is made “from scratch”, i.e. from oils (without use of a soap basis) that allows to control the  quality of the raw materials used in production.

2 . Soap is prepared in the “cold” way that causes safety of useful properties of oils and various additives in a ready-made product. Upon termination of production soap ripens 2 months.

3 . The compounding is calculated in such a way that in a ready-made product there is a small amount of free oils, it gives to soap additional leaving properties.

4 . The glycerin formed as a result of reaction of saponification is completely kept in ready soap. Sezam soap – the most glycerin soap.

5 . Addition in structure of soap weight of useful additives (honey, milk, a dogrose, cosmetic clay, a turmeric, silk, a dried peel of a citrus, a grass, essential oils, oat, beer, wine, coffee, cocoa) gives to soap additional leaving and medical properties.

6 . Besides, in our soap there are no various synthetic additives and surface-active substances which can cause dryness, feeling of tightness, a peeling, allergic reactions.                  

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