“Flower” — soap from the perfumery SEZAM series, the fragrance from GIVAUDAN, the conventional world leader in production of aromatic substances, and safe harmless food dyes of production of the same company, those which add to candies, creams, juice, that is — almost harmless is added to it.

“Flower” soap thanks to a magic smell of rose works as the effective antidepressant lightening mood and as the useful medicine normalizing the circulation normalizing pressure and eliminating a vasospasm. At the same time to all these delights, it does your skin gentle and silky. Pink pleasure will be so long as soon as you wish, and at this time the delicate exciting aroma not only will reasure and will relax, but also latently stimulates development of pheromones and will give you strong confidence in the charms. Though — who would doubt force of their influence!

The session of the aromatherapy caring for your soul is followed by gentle and careful care of your skin: soap clears, tones up, humidifies a skin, doesn’t cause feeling of tightness and gives it a pleasant, almost inaudible smell. This soap will inhale life in your skin, will add it healthy gloss and will refresh it. Already in couple of days of use the skin will become velvety, the greasy luster will be gone.

“Flower” soap is framed on the basis of almond and sesame SEZAM oils with addition of olive, palm, coconut oils, and “cold” process of production allows to keep all useful properties of oils in soap. The compounding of “Flower” soap is calculated so that there is a small amount of free oils which well influence a skin. Besides, in soap all Glycerinum formed as a result of reaction of a saponification — one of the best dampers and conditioners of a skin remains.

Structure:almond Sezam oil, olive, palm and coconut oils, a fragrance from GIVAUDAN, sodium hydroxide.

Properties:wetting, tonic, nutritious, is suitable for the dry, combined, fat skin.

Action:tones up, wets and nourishes a skin, doesn’t cause feeling of tightness, gives it a pleasant smell.

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