“Fuji” — soap from the perfumery SEZAM series, is added aromatic composition from GIVAUDAN, the conventional world leader in production of aromatic substances. Fuji — a unique fragrance of the highest degree of purity with soft marvelous aroma from which the head is easily and pleasantly turned — it almost inaudible fantasy notes of Fudziyama do the part. In them each of you will be able to feel something the as if escaping through fingers, but unimaginably fine.

Magnificent aroma, delicate and “expensive”, soars in a bathroom while you perform a religious rite in it, and it is similar to a real session of an aromatherapy behind which it isn’t necessary to go to expensive spa-salon. It is made here, in your bathroom which for a while becomes magic pier of unusual divine aroma, available to us, mere mortals now. And later time bewitching Fudziyama doesn’t abandon you — memory of magnificent aroma is stored somewhere at the level of soul, in the olfactory centers which are deeply hidden in us. And no other smell of this world can be confused with Fudziyama…

“Fuji” — really gentle soap which is generously enriched almond and sesame with SEZAM oils with addition of olive, palm, coconut oils. Soap carefully clears a skin, doesn’t dry it, wets, softens, feeds and promotes regeneration of cells of a skin, gives velvet and perfectly matts a skin.

The compounding of soap is calculated in such a way that there is a small amount of free oils which well influence a skin. In soap all Glycerinum formed as a result of reaction of a saponification remains — one of the best dampers and conditioners of a skin. And “cold” process of production allows to keep all useful properties of components of soap. Is ideally suited for care of the dry, withering, fat skin.

Structure:almond and sesame SEZAM oils, olive, palm, coconut oils, fragrance from GIVAUDAN, sodium hydroxide.

Action:Soap carefully clears a skin, doesn’t dry it, softens, feeds, gives velvet and perfectly matts a skin.

Properties:regenerating, wetting

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